You decided to make repair, change an interior, to get furniture which will correspond to the updated design? But it happens that the old furniture is a pity to throw away, because it is still quite strong, can last a long time. And every piece of furniture keeps its memories, family traditions. Simply the hand does not rise to attribute such things to the dump. But in the landfill, and in the markets you can see the furniture that could still serve and serve. This “treasure” designers are looking for, make real masterpieces.

Advantages of creating with your own hands
You wanted to change the situation, to make original ideas in the interior to the old furniture sparkled with new colors? Take advantage of a huge number of ideas, methods, how to reconstruct outdated furniture. You will realize your ideas, create great things.

The furniture of old times had the main advantage – it was very strong, durable, it was made of natural wood. Using all your imagination, you will decide how best to use certain parts of the headsets, what new purpose will be at the table, chair, chest of drawers, etc.

It seems to you that it is difficult to make it. It’s not really that hard. Read the relevant literature, look on the Internet, talk to friends, acquaintances who are fond of this business. You will give things a unique look. There are many materials and ways in which you will remake the furniture with your own hands. On the restoration of interior items can save a significant amount of money than on the purchase of new furniture.

Before you start work, decide what method of restoration you choose. Purchase the necessary components. Remember, in this case you need diligence, endurance, serious approach. Maybe this will encourage you to start your own business. You will please with amazing things not only relatives, friends and acquaintances, but also to carry out orders.

Living room, office
The most important room in the house is considered to be the living room. Actually, here we mostly spend time, relax, meet with friends, gather the whole family. If you decide to make repairs or change the interior, take it seriously. The situation should be comfortable, multifunctional. If desired, set aside space for the office. At first glance, it seems to be impossible, because the rooms are small and it is difficult to allocate space for the office. If you work at home, you need nothing to distract from work, the conditions correspond to a fruitful, smooth atmosphere. Designers are advised to fence off the work area.
To do this, use partitions. They can serve as racks. In order not to spend significant amounts for the purchase of furniture for the workplace, use the old interior. You can reconstruct them:

– paste over with Wallpaper or self-adhesive film;
– change accessories;
– decorate with different objects, attributes;
– arrange books, potted flowers.

To furniture does not take up much space, it can be converted into a transformer, made on wheels. It is compact, easy to move, fold, unfold. Remodeled furniture is fully suitable for the overall situation in the room.

In a small living room it is important to save more space. Therefore, it is better to use a Desk-shelf for the study. It will be more suitable for the General situation. Old furniture remake in wall shelves, racks, tables, where you will store everything you need for work.
Colorful chair
In many houses there are old chairs. They are worn out, the upholstery is worn out, do not rush to get rid of them. They can be restored, and they will last a long time. By changing their texture, you will return to its former beauty. Now there are many varieties for restoration, be smart.

The first thing you need to remove the old coating. If the seat is soft, it is also removed. Then sandpaper, grit can be any treated surface. From how you Polish, will depend on how further will be borne another coverage. The work will be a little easier if you wet the surface. Usually this procedure, the old coating is viscous. Let the chair dry and walk again with fine grit sandpaper.

Are you going to put varnish on the chair? It is better to apply a colorless primer. You can not do without it, even if you want to paint the chair. This allows the coating to stay longer and it is applied better. Varnish must be applied in two layers. Before the second coating, the first layer should dry.

It has become popular to paint the furniture in white, and the seat is draped in contrasting colors. There are many options.

– The chair will look unique if you apply a stencil for finishing. – Drawing can be very diverse.
– We replace upholstery and foam rubber completely. The fabric will fit any, is fixed with a stapler.
– As a variant – to make the case. The coating will hide flaws and disadvantages without major alterations.
– Decorate the case can be different – to your taste and color.
– Craftswomen can associate knitting or crochet original upholstery.

Designer chair
Use outdated things in a new way. Show imagination at full capacity. Here are a few options where you can use the old chairs.

Here, for example, such a necessary item as a wall hanger. Make it simple enough. You need to separate from the chair back, paint or decorate, attach the hooks and hang on the wall. Favorite rocking chair that everyone wants to have, but not many. It is easy to make, enough to make a semicircular crossbar and attach to the chair.

An unusual option – a bed for a pet. First you need to build a box with a mattress. The filler can be foam. The headboard will be the back of the chair, and the base — the legs. Of them will collect a wonderful box for magazines and Newspapers.
Do you like the rustic atmosphere? Here perfectly “will fit” towel holders. They are made from the backs of chairs, they are made quite simply, will look stylish in the kitchen or in the bathroom.

If the skeleton is strong, and the legs have become unusable, then the chair can become, to the delight of the kids, a swing. First the furniture needs to be processed carefully – sanded, cover it with anti-fungal solution, paint.
Many craftsmen can make a bench, bedside table, photo frame, planters, hanging shelf, even a dog feeder. From the chair can get an unusual table for storing various accessories.

Light buffet
Previously, almost all had the buffet. Many kept it, not wanting to throw out an outdated thing. It adds a certain charm to the atmosphere. The restored buffet is placed in any room. The main thing is that it corresponds to the interior. Before you start work on the alteration of old furniture, it is necessary to assess its condition, eliminate defects. Then we clean – remove the old coating with sandpaper or a tool designed for this, grind and paint. It is important not to forget that before any painting the surface must be primed.

Now in Vogue light colors, but you can give the furniture a bright shade or paint in a neutral color, apply a picture, Wallpaper paste over, gift paper, film. Use new hardware. If you like to draw, put some image on the door. Do not have enough patience, glue the stickers, and cover the surface with a transparent varnish. If the buffet is wooden, it is better to use varnish for painting. You will get a unique thing, it will last a long time.
How to update an old nightstand
Nightstand Soviet times – a valuable thing. It is so strong, can serve more than one year. But its appearance leaves much to be desired. You can make a newfangled object out of such a thing.

You will need the following materials:

– self-adhesive film;
– putty;
– acetone;
– varnish;
– paint.

Look, is there on the nightstand defects, cracks, and other flaws. Wipe the dust, remove dirt. Produced by the dismantling of parts to be processed sandpaper. Zashpaklevyvaem the damaged area, allow to dry, the surface is again sanded. Be sure to degrease with acetone. The next step – pasting film. Prepare a piece of the required size, plus 3-4 cm. Apply to the plane, disconnect the top substrate and carefully glue. So paste over the entire surface of the bedside table. Next, repair the elements of decoration, attach to furniture, change accessories, collect parts.

Instead of film, you can use Wallpaper, gift paper or just paint.

Features of alteration of the wall
We all remember the old Soviet walls that stood in the houses of our grandmothers and mothers. Furniture, unfortunately, dilapidated, there were chips, scratches, cracks. In our time in the apartments you can still see these walls. If they are strong, but externally worn, they are better to remake in a modern way.

Here are a few options.

– Pantry. Remove all unnecessary, will be the most necessary. Shelves move to another place or add a few new ones. Place the boxes under the shoes, underwear containers, change the facade.
– Wardrobe. Remove the doors, install additional shelves and crossbars for clothes. Well, if the wall is elongated. Then all the doors change on the door-compartment from floor to ceiling, it will help to hide the gaps.
– Or divide the wall in parts and install in other rooms. For example, mezzanine – in the hallway or hallway, wardrobe – in the bedroom or in the nursery, and the sideboard will make a great library.
– Do not want any changes, but the wall needs to be updated, it is necessary to completely disassemble, removing fasteners, accessories. Clean, remove the old coating. Using the necessary paste and primer, close up the cracks, chips, scratches. Everything is dried and sanded. Not satisfied with the color of the wall, repaint, then cover with matte varnish. After drying, we collect the walls, change the handles, loops. Want to put a modern door.

Turn imagination, and your wall will turn into trendy furniture, update the interior of the room.

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