Elevating construction projects with Avatour’s construction photo documentation

In the dynamic world of construction, ensuring seamless communication, accurate progress tracking, and efficient decision-making is paramount. Enter Avatour, a pioneering company specializing in Architecture and Construction photography, offering a revolutionary tool – Construction Photo Documentation. Let’s delve into the details of how Avatour’s innovative solution can transform your construction projects. Revolutionizing Construction Communication Avatour’s […]

What tools are efficient in post construction cleaning

After months of construction and redesign, the day has finally arrived when you can step foot in your newly transformed apartment. You are filled with excitement and anticipation, but as you enter the space, you’re greeted by a cloud of dust, debris, and a mess that seems impossible to clean. Your heart sinks, and the […]

The best credit cards from Celtic Bank

Today, the life of a modern person cannot be imagined without the use of bank cards. It’s an easy way to pay for goods or services, and the credit limit of bank credit cards celtic bank credit cards allows students and young workers to stay afloat. Celtic Bank, popular in America, offers cards to improve […]

How does the threat of defeat dictate the design of protective equipment?

Keeping up with the times First people create a weapon, and then they create a defence against it. Armour was once useful as a deterrent against a sword or arrow, but with the advent of firearms, it became useless. During World War II, we wore body armour. They were able to withstand bullets at that […]

Decor and home decor – everyone can be a designer

Do not believe? Previously, 5 years ago, when one of us walked into the room friends, work colleagues or acquaintances, where he worked as a designer, it was immediately noticeable. Style, a logical combination of zones of the room, its decoration and finish: all confirmed the professionalism of a specialist in interior design. You can […]

Ore clinker brick: interesting facts and scope

The modern construction “is doomed” to develop and improve thanks to the advent of ore clinker bricks. This material is obtained by calcination at a constant temperature of 1000-1600 °C to stages the complete drying of the clay. When thoroughly proven manufacturing techniques is possible to obtain a dense, homogeneous construction material, characterised by high […]

Dezest: Apartment in Berlin

Dezest Studio interior and architectural design of the Dnieper. With his professional philosophy, which is “the integrity of design and aesthetics, the transformation of space and quality of life, transition from one state to another — to a more qualitative, filled with meaning and emotions that reflect the individuality of the clients.” In the illustrative […]