Today, the life of a modern person cannot be imagined without the use of bank cards. It’s an easy way to pay for goods or services, and the credit limit of bank credit cards celtic bank credit cards allows students and young workers to stay afloat. Celtic Bank, popular in America, offers cards to improve the borrower’s credit score.

Which credit cards should you apply for to improve your credit score?

Large financial institutions carefully screen borrowers before agreeing to a limit. In this way, banks protect themselves from unreliable customers. However, young people who do not have a credit rating often face rejections. Celtic Bank offers several financial products for users who have a poor credit rating.

• Platinum Mastercard

The maximum credit limit on the card for new borrowers is $1,000. After six months, the cardholder has the opportunity to apply for a limit increase. The financial institution can double this amount. This card is covered by Mastercard’s Zero Fraud Liability, which protects the user from unauthorized charges.

• Indigo Mastercard

Preliminary submission of an application is very simple, the bank rarely refuses borrowers. You can use the card wherever there is a Mastercard logo. Customer protection is guaranteed by Mastercard Zero Fraud Liability. The holder will not have to worry about unauthorized charging. The card is ideal for people who want to rebuild their credit score. It’s also traveler-friendly with a low 1% foreign transaction fee, although the credit limit is low.

• Deserve EDU

Deserve EDU is ideal for students. The card offers up to $600 worth of phone protection, which covers both theft and damage. The user is offered 1% cashback on all purchases using this card. International students can take advantage of the product because a social security number is not required for registration.

What you need to know about Celtic Bank

Founded in 2001, Celtic Bank is a private bank based in Salt Lake City, Utah. It specializes in small business financing and has been one of the largest Small Business Lenders (SBA) in the United States since 2013. This bank offers a variety of credit card options for personal and business use, regardless of the applicant’s credit rating.

Celtic Bank credit cards are great for those with no credit history or good ratings. The bank also issues cards with a small limit to people with bad credit history. To apply for a loan, you need to contact the branch or send an electronic request.