If your apartment has a wardrobe or a rack, which cause yearning for from a single glance at them, it’s time to think about upgrading. With wooden furniture, it’s much easier, you can paint or restore the original appearance through restoration.
But the reality is that most furniture today is made from particle Board or MDF as it is cheap materials, compared with natural wood and accordingly the demand for them is higher. Such furniture today we take a basis for the decor.


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Flower beds of gabions

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Pros decor using Wallpaper
1. Remnants of Wallpaper is always and everywhere;
2. But if no residue – the decor is more than enough of a roll that will not devastate your budget;
3. Using PVA Wallpaper glued on chipboard or MDF;
4. At first glance, cheap renovation, but that gives them a wonderful vintage charm.


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