Quite often you have to go a long way before you find your calling. One of the most famous gardeners of modern Piet Rudolph at the time he worked as a waiter, bartender, steelworker, and salesman. Only when he got a job in a gardening company, he realized what he wanted to do. Pete graduated from landscape school and became a designer in his hometown of Haarlem (Netherlands).

Worldwide popularity came to the Dutch gardener about 10 years ago. By that time, Pete Udolf actively defended his point of view on landscape design, published articles and books, led tours of his own garden and even managed to gather fans of his style.

The architect and Pritzker prize winner Frank Gehry drew attention to the original gardener. The famous architect suggested that Udolf set up a Lurie garden in the Millenium Park in Chicago. The one-hectare Rudolph has created a real multi-colored sea of the 26 thousand plants.

It all started small. After graduating from landscape school, Pete opened his company, but the work did not bring joy. Orders were the same type — at this time was rampant fashion for trimmed lawns, neat flower beds and rectangular flower beds-rabatki. Roses ruled the ball, and grooming and clear lines were considered ideal.

The classical approach to the design of the garden required constant maintenance and simulation of artificial forms.

But Pete’s worldview protested against the obvious unnatural. Udolf sought to ensure that the planting was beautiful at any time of the year, regardless of whether the flowers fade or just bloom. In the concept of the gardener, the ideal garden should be indistinguishable from the one created by nature, it should seem free and spontaneous.

This was the impetus for the development of their own methods. The gardener moved into an old farmhouse in the village of Hummelo, created his own garden and began work. Pete was especially fond of the flowers of the American prairies. Decorative cereals with filigree spikelets and panicles with broken thin leaves, inconspicuous field perennials with inflorescences-candles — the standard of beauty Udolph.
In winter, and at the time of withering flower arrangements Pete Udolf retain their beauty, which, according to the gardener, you only need to learn to see.

During his work, Pete brought more than 70 new varieties, including sage Dear Anja — in honor of his wife.
Now Udolf is the winner of numerous awards, including the European Garden Award. For the development of radical ideas in garden design, he became an honorary member of the Royal Institute of British architects (RIBA).
Among the many projects Udolf and private and urban gardens. One of his major projects is the memory Garden at Battery Park on the southern tip of Manhattan. Here he created a green frame along the Hudson.

Another famous project of Udolf is the landscaping of an abandoned high Line railway line. Her pit was turned into a boardwalk with a length of about 2.3 km away and the feeling that nature conquers the postindustrial space in their possession.

But do not be deceived by the ease of the gardens, which give the impression of meadow thickets. Each project of Pete is a huge work, the designed composition, selection of schemes, development of the plan of landings.
Pete, like many innovators in his field, found the truth where no one was looking. Wildflowers, lush vegetation, lush greenery perfectly complemented the urban architecture, breathing life and freedom into its walls.

“Due to the plant architecture becomes commensurate with the person. In contrast, the plants change every day and cause a lively response,” thinks Pete Udolph.

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