You regularly do the cleaning, but the feeling of disorder still remains? All the time you lose the necessary stuff, and cooking takes twice as long because of the chaos in the boxes and on the shelves? These are all signs that storage in your home is not well organized. And we know how to fix it
In everyday life, we are surrounded by a lot of little things, useful and not, dear to the heart or necessary for work. It is not easy to organize such a number of diverse things correctly, but it is quite possible. We have prepared for you amazing ideas that will help to properly and efficiently store different things.

An unusual green cabinet will perfectly fit in the interior.

Olive rack

A table for a living room on castors from an old box.

Coffee table on wheels

The most common wooden boxes, which we used to see in the markets stuffed with fruits and vegetables, can be a bright accent in the interior and storage space. Decorate them and turn them into unusual shelves. From the boxes you can make a whole composition, a mini-rack or use them as a bedside table.

A large table will decorate your homestead

Table for a yard made of wood

Red shelves improve comfort

Chocolate colored table made from boards

Bright shelves for kitchen cupsBrown coffee table under the sofa will create coziness

There are many interesting ideas The perfect cellar