Under the terrace is understood as an open or partially closed structure. The terrace can have a roof that covers only a part of the area or does not have a roof.

Regardless of which type of roof is attached to the house terrace, the structure has an unglazed appearance, differing from the veranda.

A variety of terrace projects are gaining popularity. But the projects of terrace with outdoor pizza ovens enjoy special success. Street stoves, built according to all the rules, are safe to operate and practical to use. The stylish design of the oven allows you to harmoniously fit into any design of the terrace.

oven terrace

kitchen terrace wood stool table

Idea for outside kitchen decor in the garden, in which you can not only make pizza, but also prepare a full dinner near your home in Santa Barbara.

oven brick kitchen

If you have a terrace and you do not know how to arrange it, we have interesting information for you. You can see design ideas for a terrace near Santa Barbara. You will find options for a closed and open terrace, setting up a recreation area near the house.


oven terrace stool wood wood stool table oven oven brick terrace table