What could be better than relaxing in the fresh air? Only organized, civilized rest with comfort. Most homeowners do not miss the opportunity to arrange such a place to relax in their private courtyard or on the plot and attach a terrace to the house (or they plan to build it). It is not surprising that in the word “terrace” there is a combination of “terra”, which means land. After all, the terrace is nothing more than a playground, located on the ground or slightly elevated above its level and equipped specially for rest. Terraces can be either detached or attached to the house. In this publication, the options for this universal, practical and beautiful place to organize outdoor recreation.

terrace stool table nature

roof terrace sofa

Decorative cabbage

Wicker furniture white table wood glass stairway forest flowers stool wood

Ornamental pond

terrace house beautiful evening fire terrace glass house fireplace wood mountain glass terrace terrace fireplace house sofa terrace bush house terrace pond water sofa stone terrace wood sofa house


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