Bureau22 team developed the design of Ukrainian wine for the Vernyhora x Sneaker mate collaboration.

Vernyhora is a natural wine from Bukovyna, which is created by Mr. Stanislav Vernyhora himself.

The art director of the Sneakermate.lviv formation, Margo Gariazha, spoke about the concept of creating a label – it is connected with the history of the Vernihor family: a lily flower as a symbol of family warmth and home.

After the start of the war, in 2014, the Vernyhor family moved from Kharkiv to Chernivtsi. Mrs. Halyna Vernygora, the winemaker’s wife, is engaged in landscape design, so no matter where they arranged their home, there were always wonderful plants growing around the house, and there was always a pond with lilies in the center of the composition. This is such a signature touch of the Vernihor house. It was this lily flower that was painted on the canvas and depicted on the wine label.

Vernyhora wine was created in collaboration with the Sneakermate.Lviv formation, it can be purchased only in the Lviv place.

There are no impurities in the wine, the only ingredient is grapes, which became wine in the village of Horishni Sherivtsi, Chernivtsi region,” said the director of Vernyhora wines, Andriy Mishchenko.