Who owns the information – owns the world

You must have heard this expression repeatedly, interpreting it in your own way. In the case of earnings in the international currency market, which is better known as Forex, information is the key to successful trading and passive earnings. Now let’s go over the important issues that many people when they mentioning Forex trading.

What is Forex?

The first thing that immediately complicates people who do not know about forex is what is the first thing? Forex is an international currency market where you can earn on world currency exchange rates. As a matter of fact, these are tenders, which are regulated by the central banks of all countries.

Since a forex broker ratings certificate is required to conduct trading there and a large sum of money is needed to enter the market, it is impossible to do without the services of brokers, because they give each client the opportunity to participate in the auction and earn money with the help of leverage.

Leverage is a targeted increase in customer deposits for subsequent operations on the international currency market.

Why is this developed in the United States of America and in many countries of Europe, but not here?

Perhaps you need to start with the mentality. Alas, in this matter it is a decisive factor. Firstly, for our person, the principle of investing money somewhere automatically raises suspicions. And only a few understand that they have invested much more of their physical strength and health in permanent work than could be done with finances. That is why the activities of brokers almost always raises doubts, even with international licenses allowing brokering. The second reason is also very obvious – quality of life. It’s about the notorious “Comfort Zone”. Here we are used to live the USA in average prosperity and why change something? USA? Yes, they always lived better than we. This is all familiar to you, right? Although if you thought about how many people of different ages and social status in the USA and Europe use Forex trading as passive income, your picture of the perception of this world and your opportunities would change significantly. Where then should I choose a reliable broker? If you have a similar question in your head, then you believe in the possibility of earning not only by physical labor. In order to determine the choice of a broker, there is a forex broker ratings service where you can choose a broker that will suit you under all conditions: minimum deposit, spreads (transaction fees), technical or fundamental trading format, etc. Therefore, the choice is always yours, you just have to listen to objective assessments, with regards to the so-called stock brokers.