If you think about what can cause a stormy delight in your child, except toys or that will fill the eyes of your child with happiness and fun? Decorators and interior designers will answer you at once – art painting of walls in a children’s room.
Today we will talk about what is the painting of the walls and how it will fit into the interior design of the nursery.

Methods of drawing on the walls

When it comes to painting in the children’s bedroom or in any other room, we mean one or more large drawings on the wall.In this case, the manually displayed image is not always assumed. There are several options for painting the walls in the children’s room.

Wallpaper coloring . On such Wallpaper drawn outlines of figures that you can decorate with ordinary stationery paints or markers. These coloring pages are better to glue only at the bottom of the wall to their color design has become a fun activity not only for you but also for your kids. The upper band may leave in neutral colours, then the room will not dazzle.

Wall murals. Today Wallpapers are significantly different from those Wallpapers that were familiar in the 90s. Modern technologies allow to depict realistic motifs, computer graphics and a variety of drawings. An interesting addition to the wall painting in the children’s room will be the use of small accessories in the interior with repeated motifs of photo Wallpapers.

Vinyl sticker. A huge variety of themes and types of vinyl stickers on the market allows you to not be limited in their ideas of wall painting in the nursery. There are specialized stickers for game rooms with disney characters, dinosaurs, ninjas and other cartoon characters. European designers choose more relaxed themes, and neutral pastel colors. The advantage of this type of painting is the ease of applying labels, which makes it possible to attract to this case even the smallest members of your family.

Classic wall painting . If you have a strong desire to make the nursery stunning and unique, this option should please you. In order to make a real painting of the walls in the children’s room, you can invite a professional artist or do it yourself. Remember, the main thing for children is that the picture is bright, lively and cheerful, and how it is drawn correctly, they do not care at all.

Decorative wall painting in the interior will make the children’s room perky, fun, bright and extraordinary, give it originality and character.