Design in avant-garde architecture always reflects the dynamics and expression, but it can show elements of surrealism, futurism, modernism and cosmism. Despite the extravagance of style, such an interior can be quite cozy and welcoming, especially if you use the advice of experienced designers when decorating your home.

Breaking stereotypes: bold advice on the interior in the style of avant-garde

Stylish solutions in the layout of the premises can be rope fences, translucent partitions with unusual refraction of light — they create a sense of unreality of what is happening. Another interesting idea for an avant-garde interior is to combine a bedroom with a bathroom, where the dividing element is the turn, behind which there is a large luxurious bath.

Also in fashion hanging furniture that seems to hover above the ground, and anatomical models, functional and incredibly comfortable. Folding and sliding tables allow you to save space and fit into the avant-garde style. A piquant touch in the design design are transparent anatomical chairs, completely invisible against the background of a bright finish. Instead of a bed, you can use a podium with an orthopedic mattress, and under the podium to store boxes with bedding and other things. If you do not plan to completely change the finish of the apartment, use the tips for updating the interior and just make a few spicy additions to the avant-garde style. Sofa-transformer, curtains of acid shades with metallic luster, mirror inserts on the ceiling, Wallpaper with abstract drawings, chrome furniture fittings, three-dimensional installations, photo Wallpapers with optical illusions, black linens or an aquarium with black fish — this is enough to transform the interior, make it more modern and avant-garde.