We all know the importance of those vital eight hours of sleep – they’re integral for memory and mood as well as mental and physical restoration. Yet not enough of us actually get the sleep our minds and bodies deserve. The 2016 Sleep Survey consulted with over 15,000 adults across all ages to uncover sleep-related trends. And what were the results? None too positive! In fact, only eight percent of participants claimed they felt refreshed when they awake in the morning, with a huge 74 percent of people reporting that they actively worry about the quality of their sleep.

With so many unsatisfied sleepers, it seems we are crying out for some simple bedroom amendments. Let’s look at how you can easily enhance your nighttime nook to encourage optimized sleeping patterns. Sounds dreamy, doesn’t it?

  • Switch it off. You may be surprised to learn that the average person spends over five and a half hours staring at a screen in bed each week, whether that’s watching a film with a loved one, catching up on the soaps, or lurking on social media. While this may seem like a harmless pastime, the bright light that is emitted from your TV, smartphone, or tablet can prevent your body from producing the hormone, melatonin, which is responsible for sending you off into a serene sleep. Ditch those devices at least one hour before bed and pick up a book instead.
  • Invest in your rest. Mattresses and bedding should be replaced every eight years, but despite this little nugget of knowledge, over 22 percent of people use a bed eight years or older. Some even admitted sleeping on their trusty mattress for over 41 years! When replacing your mattress, do some research first. Look for a product, such as the Oceano mattress, which offers luxury comfort combined with exceptional innovative sleep technology and uses nontoxic materials.
  • Forget the fight. City life doesn’t seem to agree with many survey respondents. Those living at the heart of the hustle and bustle have up to seven times more arguments per week than those living in quieter suburbs. Just like grandma used to say, never go to bed on an argument. Avoid bringing negative energies into the bedroom and resolve issues before you tuck yourself under the duvet. This will allow for a better night’s sleep, free from disaster-ridden narratives in REM.
  • Eliminate annoyances. Does your partner drive you nuts in bed, and not in a good way? Talk it through. Whether they snore, hog the blankets, or take up too much space, discuss your bedtime angsts and invest in new bedroom interiors to address any issues. A larger bed, an anti-roll mattress, a giant super king duvet, whatever it takes, take steps to resolve your issues with quality bedroom furniture and bed linen. This one difficult discussion will bring great long-term results for your sleep—and probably your partner’s too!
  • Black it out. Your natural body clock is very much tuned into sunrise and sunset. It wants to drift into sleep as the sun falls, and wake as the sun rises. Yet, in the modern-day world, that doesn’t necessarily fit in with working patterns or, indeed, idealistic lifestyle preferences. Install blackout curtains or blinds in your bedroom to encourage the production of melatonin and prevent any sun-related sleep disturbances.