When creating an interior in a children’s room inevitably raises the question of the color of the room. How to choose the right solution so that the child’s psyche does not suffer and develops correctly? Children are more sensitive to the environment than adults, and therefore color has a very big impact on kids. Using the psychological power of color, we can correct the negative aspects of children’s character.


The blue color is intended to calm the irrepressible energy of the child. After all, from the point of view of color therapy, this color reduces blood and intracranial pressure, slows down the heartbeat, has a calming effect on a person and as a sleeping pill.

For color solutions can be used blue, turquoise in combination with other colors, depending on the nature of your child. The more she indulges and the more difficult it is to calm down in the evening, the more in proportion to the need for shades of blue in relation to other colors.


And the red color, on the contrary, acts excitingly and thereby helps the child to become more active physically and psychologically.

Derivatives of red, such as crimson, cherry, pink, Bordeaux, depending on the strength of red in them help to better focus and encourage action. These colors are useful for slow children who do not like to move a lot, phlegmatic. But the amount of red in the room should be carefully dosed, because this color has a very strong effect.


For example, melancholy, it turns out, simply can not live without yellow. They, of course, do not realize it, but waking up in the morning and seeing the yellow Wallpaper on the wall, will be able to spend at least the beginning of the day in a positive way. And if the Wallpaper will be added yellow curtains and yellow pillows, the joyful mood can accompany the child all day.


The most positive and the right color for child room – green color. It balances the child’s psyche especially active children and has a positive effect on children’s vision is not yet stronger.
To overdo it with this color is impossible. All shades of green are good in color solutions: pale green, the color of the sea wave, grassy diamond green, khaki.


Very carefully we need to treat poisonous bright lime green. It really has a negative effect on the eyes and psyche of children. In General, all toxic shades, as they are called – chemical, have a negative impact and very annoying.


Do not paint large spaces in purple and purple. A week of staying in such a room can threaten your baby with a deep depression, not to mention months and years of staying in such a color.

Lilac and purple colors are very beautiful, they can be added to the color composition of the children’s room, but very small portions and in any case do not make them the main colors.

We wish you to make the right choice that will suit you and your child!