Tadoba National Park is a great tourist attraction because of its scenic beauty, biodiversity, and of course, prolific tiger sightings. This is the true habitat of the endangered Royal Bengal Tiger and there are over 60 of these magnificent species present here. If you are planning an exciting wildlife vacation at the Tadoba Wildlife Sanctuary in Maharashtra, India, you must not only pay attention to packing light and right, you must also book the best accommodation to suit your unique requirements.

Here are some of the important factors to keep in mind while making room reservations at a Tadoba accommodation. You have to keep in mind, the 100 percent safety and entertainment of your family, especially, the children.

Focus on Staying Safe

If you are planning a family vacation at the Tadoba National Park, you must choose a safe and child-friendly resort or hotel. There are numerous reliable and reputed Tadoba national park resorts. You must choose from one of them but make sure that your family would be comfortable and safe there.  

The resort must offer some activity or facility for each one of your family so that no one is disappointed or upset with the arrangements. Children should have access to several activities while the adults must have enough scope for relaxation such as spa and massage facilities. The resort must necessarily be safe and child-friendly. Your focus should be on enjoying a stress-free and peaceful vacation as you wish to spend quality time with your beloved wife and precious children.

Do not forget to include outlet covers on your packing list. Your toddlers must be protected from hazardous electrical shocks. The older children must require brushing up all their safety rules like no talking to strangers, avoiding unknown people, not allowing any stranger into your room in the resort or hotel.

The kids should not be allowed to roam about freely without adult supervision. As the kids are in a whole new place, it is essential for any one of the parents to accompany them as they are not used to the place and the people are not known to them. You must choose a premium child-friendly resort that would be providing adequate security and entertainment for both adults and children alike.The resort authorities would be providing brilliant supervision, particularly, in the swimming pools, recreational zones, and even the restaurants.   

Stay Close By

You must consider choosing a resort that is really close to the Tadoba National Park as then traveling up and down would become much easy and convenient. You could head for a jungle safari early in the morning and you could stay till late to catch a glimpse of rare animal species if you are staying close by. Always make your reservations well ahead of the time to avoid any sort of last moment distress and dejection.

Pick a Right Time

Summer is peak season at Tadoba, simply because it is as good as it gets. A romantic getaway amidst the sheer serenity and beauty of Tadoba is unparalleled. Winter is amazing here too and brings new vistas for you to explore with your friends and family. Remember that if you do go in the summer, you are likely to encounter big crowds, so you should plan smart and pick unconventional safari times like very early mornings or late evenings.

Pack All Your Gear

You will need to pack smartly to ensure a smooth and enjoyable vacation. Use light headlamps instead of bulky flashlights, and carry small binoculars, water bottles, and batteries in a comfortable backpack. Speak to the receptionists at the gear shop to know what is best.


If you can, get an annual pass for the National Park, which gives you free, unrestricted access throughout the year. The money goes right into the conservation of the reserve forest as well, so you’ll be doing some good while you’re having the best time of your life.