The Scandinavian style has long been loved and honored by many designers and customers, if not more: it confidently holds the palm in terms of frequency of preferences. And despite the superpopularity, the style never ceases to amaze with its many faces. In our article, we offer to consider an unusual version of the execution of “Scandinavia” within the walls of a Swedish apartment.
The apartments are located on the island of Kungsholmen (one of the fourteen islands on which Stockholm “stands”) and are distinguished by an unusual layout and design, influenced by the fact that housing is located right under the roof of the house – in the attic.

The basis was taken for the traditional Nordic style “Scandinavia”, so the design is dominated by white color. The specificity of the room led to the presence of massive wooden beams of the ceiling, the architects decided to restore and integrate them into the interior.

Dimensional partitions of the living room (the massiveness of the partitions is due to the style building characteristic of 1909) was decided to soften, painted in a warm brown-beige range, which also allows you to harmoniously fit heavy items.

Although now this “disadvantage” of the owners of the house is positioned as a highlight, moreover, the thickness of the walls allows the formation of a hearth in them.

The combination of a warm shade of wooden beams with “sand” walls, as well as a light tone of natural floor covering forms a harmonious composition. Olive-colored textiles and rich wenge in the form of the base of the coffee table, as well as the adjacent dining group, complement the image and give an individual character to the accommodation.

Large windows fill the room with light, they also serve as an exit to a small open terrace (one of the bedrooms also has a separate exit). There is a cozy nook for relaxation.
The living room smoothly flows into the kitchen area. The kitchen space is a laconic unpretentious zone.

Gray glossy facades are diluted by a working apron made of marble. The furniture base is equipped with neon lighting, which facilitates the design and creates a light airy image.

Sleeping rooms continue the given style in design. The basic palette of neutral natural shades complements the textiles saturated colors: blue, red and dark brown. Thick shades of textile content domesticate the interior and enliven the atmosphere.

Contrast details of the decorative elements made of brass, metal and wood are organically combined and create a complete interior image.

But in the design of bathrooms the main character was marble. The noble stone at the same time creates a simple and elegant image.