A mattress is the main part of any bed. A mattress is the key to any bed’s comfort and coziness. A good mattress can increase the sleeping comfort at night. So, there is no doubt that a good mattress has a very important role in our bedroom. A good mattress lets us relax properly after a long busy day. But you know what, there are a lot of mattresses available on the market. Here are some of the most common mattress types mentioned below.

Innerspring Mattress:

An innerspring mattress is the most common and most popular mattress available on the market today. In this mattress, there is a steel coil support system. And several types of coil systems are found generally. The design of coil, shape and number can vary on different innerspring mattress.

These types of mattresses are covered with padding. The padding has mainly 2 layers and the upper layer made with fiber or foam materials. Remember, the more the number of coils is, the better support your mattress provides.

Cloud Mattress:

The cloud mattress is another luxurious mattress we have on the market. Cloud mattress uses the cloud memory foam along with cooling gel-infused memory foam. These 2 foams provide the best coziness when you sleep. This cloud mattress is one of the most popular mattresses now. Actually, cloud mattress is too good and provides a lot of coziness for your gentle sleep.

Hybrid Mattress:

The hybrid mattress is the new generation mattress which has commonly two layers. This is mainly the upgraded version of the innerspring mattress. In the hybrid mattress, there is steel coil support as same as the innerspring mattress. Along with the coil support, the hybrid mattress has one or more layers of foam outside of the mattress.

In several times, gel or other components are found in the foam of the mattress in order to make the mattress more comfortable and cozy.

Pillow Top Mattress:

Pillow top mattress is typical mattress type and it has additional upholstery layer onto the mattress. This is one of the oldest mattress types. On the top side of pillow top mattress, pillows are placed. And this layer is made with several types of foam, fiber or other material. This mattress is commonly used everywhere.

Poly-Foam Mattress:

Poly-foam mattress has mainly 3 layers of foams. At the top side, there is a 2” proprietary hyphen Comfort layer. Under the layer, another 2” secondary polyurethane buoyant transitional layer is available. And at the bottom, a 6” durable polyurethane base support layer is included for supporting the mattress. Poly-foam mattress is common as well.

Gel Mattress:

Gel mattress is another new generation mattress which contains gel in the supporting base instead of steel coils support. This mattress has the new and advanced technology. The gel is placed in the mattress by using different advanced technologies and gel is used for both support and upholstery sections.

This mattress is made for giving better sleeping experience. This advanced mattress has heat dissipation feature which provides extreme comfort and adds pretty good value to your bedroom.

Memory Foam Mattress:

In the memory foam mattress, there is high-density polyurethane foam used as the support system. And as like as latex foam, high-density foam is used in both support and upholstery section. And the foam contours to the sleeper shape closely, that’s why memory foam mattress is so popular.

Natural Fiber Mattress:

The natural fiber mattress is an eco-friendly mattress. The world is now against environmental pollution. So people started using eco-friendly products. The natural fiber mattress is made of organic cotton which is eco-friendly and can last a long period. This mattress provides you full comfort and adds a great value to your bedroom.

Latex Mattress:

There is latex foam as the support system and in the upholstery section of the latex mattress. The latex foams are mainly made from plant or petroleum based elements which are eco-friendly. This mattress is able to present you a nice and comfortable sleeping experience at the night.