Every kid loves cartoons and colors. They are part of their fantasy world when they are at a younger age. You can accomplish this by adding some colorful cartoon wallpapers of their favorite heroes and characters in their room to match their personality.

Psychology has also shown that colors have important influence on  child’s behavior at a young age. Colors can relax, inspire or sometimes agitate. Children are very sensitive to color impact so it is important to know what colors to use. You may think pastel colors are for babies and they are boring and old fashioned but there’s some sense in choosing pale pinks and blues for babies’ bedrooms. Researches show that babies are far happier surrounded by calming soothing pastel shades.

Choosing warm colors such as red, orange and yellow is always a good idea because they inspire happiness and comfort and also stimulate the mind. But it is best not to paint the whole room with these colors but only one wall. You can then include the cold colors like blue, purple and green which have a calming effect on the body.

After you have chosen the perfect combination of colors for your children’s walls and furniture, you can improve the look by adding some fun cartoon wallpapers of their favorite heroes or fairy-tale characters on one of the walls. I promise, seeing their all time favorite hero on the wall where they can see them everyday, will bring such a smile and excitement on their face that you will never forget. You can choose from the wide range of cartoons, such as Disney heroes, the little Minions who everyone likes,Sponge Bob and of course the all time boy’s favorite Spiderman or Batman, and for the girls the princesses as Cinderella, Jasmin, Ariel etc.

These designs will make your kids extremely happy, so here bellow we have some beautiful examples of colors and cartoon wallpaper ideas that you can include in you children’s bedroom.