Starts repairs, and is now faced with the task what to put. A lot of questions come up. What is better: plastic or woodwork? Which Windows are cheaper? Which firm to choose? After installing the window there are other problems associated with the choice of curtains or other decor element. Quality blinds online store offers many options and forms. But we will talk about this in another article. Now we’ll look at what Windows to choose?

Windows, plastic

In recent years, the popularity gained plastic Windows. Durable, comfortable, beautiful appearance. Good sound insulation and thermal insulation. Easy to clean. It is not necessary to insulate for the winter, do not require painting, have ventilation mode and two directions for opening, so you can easily abandon the old Windows. Such Windows put in offices, houses and apartments.

The quality of the UPVC profile and accessories in the window? It all depends on the manufacturer. It is important and accurate to mount the window units. When installing it is very important to use hydro-and thermal insulation tapes. They do not allow the Windows to sweat and form a fungus on the walls of the house or apartment. If you properly observe all stages of installation, the plastic Windows will give an excellent result. You can also choose any color: from white to simulate the most expensive wood.

There are also a number of drawbacks. The first – tightness. With tightly closed Windows, the air in the room can “stagnate”. Although there are advantages – summer protects from dust, and in winter does not miss the cold. The following is an unnatural material. When heated, the plastic is distributed into the air chemicals that can adversely affect human health. The third drawback. Plastic is beyond repair. Mechanical damage on the frames are not eliminated. Although the glass can still be replaced.

Types of wooden Windows

There are several types of Euro-Windows: solid wood or laminated veneer lumber, metal-plastic or aluminum profile.

It should be noted that the joiner is cheaper than plastic. Wood has the advantage of letting air particles through even if the flaps are closed. It turns out a kind of micro-ventilation. It is much easier to install than plastic. There are also wooden Euro Windows. There is a combination of natural material with reliable double-glazed Windows and modern fittings of the highest quality.

The disadvantages include only the fact that about once every five years it is necessary to periodically update the wooden Windows. However, modern paints and varnishes are increasingly being improved every year. Coatings are becoming more wear-resistant and durable.

Both plastic and wood have some pros and cons. Before you put new Windows you need to carefully study the market as one and the other.