The Bathroom is one of the most frequented by places in the house. Despite this, as a rule, for her allocate a small space. How to arrange this room so that it was both pleasant to stay and convenient to carry out hygienic procedures? There are many ways a rational arrangement of the bathroom. This is a very good help multifunction cabinets. One of these types of cabinets is a Cabinet with sink and a Laundry basket. Door with built-in cabinets with special mesh for lingerie opens not to the side like a normal lockers tables, and leans back on top.



The advantages of such furniture are obvious:

  1. It takes up minimal space, while at the same time placed and sink, and a basket for linen and a locker for storing all sorts of items.
  2. Need to buy a separate Laundry basket, which is usually difficult to choose the interior out.
  3. Besides, the baskets can be stored not only the dirty linen, but pure linen, towels, bathrobes, etc.
  4. Located in a prominent place dirty linen is not always looks beautiful and aesthetically pleasing, much nicer to hide it the cupboard.
  5. The cupboard under the sink can hold a lot of necessary and useful hygiene products, cosmetics and household chemicals.

Despite the fact that shopping for clothes is mounted inside the cabinets has small size, its benefits are not reducing. Therefore, in recent years it is gaining popularity.




Cabinets with sink can be distinguished by several criteria:

The form of cabinets with sink may be rectangular, oval, square, irregular (asymmetric) and angular. From the standpoint of saving space, the best warrant is considered to be a corner Cabinet with sink.



Depending on the installation method there are two main groups of furniture with washbasin: floor and wall (or ceiling). The first group simply to collect and to put in place, and the second group should be fixed to the wall. Outdoor tables stand on legs or on a solid frame.


Feature set the tables with a sink depends on the number of divisions, i.e., lockers, drawers and the door therein. Today, the furniture manufacturers offer a variety of option. For example, there are tables with sink for washing machine, with Laundry basket, with drawers, etc. in addition, there are options with open shelves where you can put a shallow basket for Laundry or fold clean towels. Cabinets can be equipped with one or two doors. For little premises it is better to take the cabinets with two doors, as in this case to open the doors need less space than one big one. It should also be noted that in many tables the sink installs on the top, which in turn is mounted in a Cabinet. Countertop provides a convenient working surface and thereby performs an additional function.





The bathroom furniture should be characterized by high moisture resistance. This largely depends on the materials from which it is made, way and quality of processing. Cabinets, usually made of particleboard, MDF and hardboard. By themselves, these materials are high-quality and durable, but without the special coating, they will not be able to serve a long time in the room with high humidity. Therefore, when buying furniture for the bathroom, first of all, pay attention to the surface quality of the furniture. On the surface of the furniture should be special laminating film. It protects your furniture from water and moisture. In addition, the surface of the furniture is painted. So pay attention to the fact that the paint will lay evenly on the entire surface. The presence of unpainted or repainted sections of the product belongs to marriage.



Arms, legs, and fasteners shall be made of chrome steel. Since hardware has a much longer life plastic counterpart. Well it will look like, if it will be combined with a crane with hooks or towel rings, as well as with a lamp.


Popular sizes

Among all models of cabinets with a sink and Laundry basket are very popular cabinets with a width of 50 to 60 cm height from 70 to 84 cm and a depth of 30 to 40 cm.



The design and colour of cabinets with a sink should be in harmony with the overall style and color scheme of the bathroom.

The use of strong rectangular patterns for areas with numerous smooth lines and rounded shapes will look like at least inappropriate. This furniture will immediately stand out from the General background. For the interior in the classical style are appropriate Cabinet made of solid wood with carved, gilded, silver or bronze plumbing fixtures and hardware.

The choice of color is not as easy as it might seem at first glance, as the selection of furniture in the color of the walls of the room will look too boring or too challenging. A color that contrasts with the color of the walls of the premises does not guarantee a beautiful design, as not all colors fit together. In the furniture market, very often you can find furniture with washbasin a white color. White color is universal and it is easy to fit in different interior styles.



How to choose?

When purchasing bedside tables with sink for the bathroom should be guided by the following recommendations that will help you to buy suitable furniture and bathroom fixtures of good quality:

  1. Make sure that the bathroom furniture will fit.
  2. Note the level of water-resistance of the furniture. To do this, make sure that the paint was applied evenly, there were no stains and scratches, including on the sink. Remember that it is a special film protects the furniture from water and moisture. Made of natural wood and MDF furniture is characterized by greater moisture resistance and longer service life. However, tables made of chipboard are slightly cheaper.
  3. Check the strength of the hardware products. It is better that it was made of chrome-plated steel. Arms, legs and hinges are made of plastic and covered with silver or gold plating, after a short period of time will spend their initial external quality.
  4. In order to ensure no cracks, chips and scratches on the sink, knock it over. A ringing sound indicates their absence.
  5. Remember that if you buy a dresser a dark color, you often have to wipe it, as on dark furniture immediately becomes visible traces of the stains. On pedestals lighter colors of stains will be less noticeable, therefore, from the point of view washing tables, they are considered to be more practical.




How to install?

Install the finished Cabinet with sink own is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. Carefully following all steps and rules, you can easily and successfully be able to carry out installation of cabinets of all sizes and shapes.



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