An exciting minimalist corner bath sink in the bathroom sink and a mirror are our theme today. If you have a small bathroom, the following tips will help you. When your bathroom is small, there are a lot of questions. The first question is where to place a mirror and a sink.Well, the best idea for locating a sink and a mirror is the corner of the bathroom. An excellent solution is to use the fullest possible space. The tile in the bathroom also plays an important role. The color of the tile floor depends on the color of the wall in the bathroom. If the walls are violet, you need to choose a light color for the floor. In most of the images below, we offer light bathrooms. You can see many white bathrooms. Bathroom lighting is also important.In fact, you do not need too much lighting. Save on electricity, people! Look and decide if you want to copy some styles.

Use the entire space rationally. Simple design is always the best choice. Just put in the bathroom the things you really need. All this you will see in the following pictures. We chose some of the best small bathrooms to inspire you. To save space, place the mirror above the sink. This way you will save space. In this case, you will have everything you need for a beautiful bathroom.

Now, spend some time and see breathtaking minimalist corner bathroom sinks and mirrors. Choose some of them for you own bathroom place.

bathroom in blue shades

A backlit sink in the corner of the bath room

corner sink above the semicircular table

corner stylish sink

corner sink in the kitchen

small sink in the bathroom

corner sink

corner sink above the table

corner sink of classical shape

bathroom with sink, shower cubicle and corner toilet

bathroom in retro style

corner washbasin

corner cabinet with a metal sink