Your little boy is growing so fast, his interests are changing, and so are his needs. If you’ve not done something about his room, chances are, he’ll soon be pushing you to upgrade it to suit his passion and ideas.  

Wondering where to start to make the little man happy? Well, the best way to create a room that the little boy will love is to zero in on his likes. While some of his ideas may appear out of place, just implement them, although with insights and moderation from you. Of course, you want him to feel as comfortable as possible in that room. Moreover, he’ll spend more time there than you.

Here are some creative ideas that he’ll most likely embrace.

Keep It Neutral

If the little boy is too young to make the right choice for colors, or maybe you’ve some doubts about his judgment on this, neutral would be a safe bet. Simply choose neutral colors that he may like as he grows up or which make transition easier once he grows into a teenager and his likes change. Simple colors like grey, blue or even white would come in handy. However, if he’s sure about his favorite colors, just honor that but keep it plain with minimum drawings or wall hangings.

Create a Sufficient Playing Space

It’s normal to find your little boy kicking his ball around in his room, or sometimes he may just decide to ride his little bike in there. As a parent, you really can’t be too exerting on this. You can support him by creating enough and safe playing space. That means you’ll have to ensure that nothing in the room can either harm him or break on a knock. If there is furniture in the room, ensure it’s strictly kids furniture. You can rearrange the room in such a way that you leave a big space in the middle of the room, enough for his indoor games.

Keep a Little Library

The idea of a little library is relevant for all ages. The beauty of it is that it’s often a one-time expenditure. You can keep a fancy, wooden bookshelf at the corner of the room, with study table and chair just beside it. As the boy grows, all you’ll be required to change are the kind of books on the shelf. For the little boy, you can have simple story books that would resonate with his likes. Inculcate in him a habit of reading something before going to bed. In this way, you’ll create a reading culture in him.

Maintain a Nautical Inspired Theme

The theme should obviously be cool, but it’s good to have a theme that can accommodate a range of ages during his growth. To implement this, pick on a theme that could easily be upgraded with minor tweaks as he grows. For instance, you can have the room painted blue with some photos of his photos. Even as he grows up, he’ll treasure the pictures as they’ll remind him of his childhood.

Create Enough Storage Space

You won’t buy toys once or twice. Therefore, to ensure the room is neat, you ought to create enough storage for both the old toys and books. In this way, sentimental items will be preserved and the room will always be neat.

Consider the above ideas if you’re planning to make your boy’s room look welcoming and classy, yet  simple enough for his age.