Today, everyone can become a designer of your own bedroom, making it cozy and comfortable. All you need is to follow a few rules that will help you think like a designer!

The bedroom is where everyone spends most of their time. For some, it is special because there are personal things and emotions that a person experiences. It is here that there are no restrictions, and everyone can open up and become themselves. And most importantly, everyone in this room, gaining new strength and energy the next day!
To emphasize your individual and creative style in the bedroom, you need to follow three main rules, namely: peace, space and simplicity!
Also, when you design this room, you need to listen to the recommendations of designers who will tell you how to make the bedroom a place of real rest.

Secrets of a cozy bedroom:

  1. The bedroom is a place where there is no room for outsiders. That is why it should be done as far as possible from the front door. This will make you feel always safe and in harmony with yourself;
  2. Bed placement is one of the important stages of bedroom decoration. It should be put a little further from the window, because you will not feel drafts, and the sun’s rays do not Wake up in the morning;
  3. If you have a beautiful landscape outside the window, you can use a thin tulle, otherwise it is better to close the window with thick curtains.

Errors in the design of the bedroom:

  1. A minimum of things. No need to download the bedroom furniture, the extra stuff will biblicaly miscomfort. For high-quality design, you will fit only the most necessary furniture, namely: bed, wardrobe, bedside tables, dressing table. Most designers recommend not to put in the bedroom cabinets with books, because it will adversely affect your stay;
  2. The predominance in the interior. Common mistakes beginners in the design, is the love of volanchiki, ruches and delicate doily;
  3. Oversaturation of colors. The use of more than three colors in the interior, visually reduces the space, and clogs it;
  4. The walls should be decorated with paintings, but stick to the composition, so as not to overload them. If the room is small, then you can increase it visually, using mirrors, or light paintings;
  5. For adult bedroom designers are advised to opt for light, calm colors, and the children’s bedroom can be decorated with brighter colors. If the child likes to watch cartoons, then you can make a painting with acrylic paints, and draw on the walls of cartoon characters;
  6. Coverage, need choose with not a shining light, ideally, it should be smooth and pleasant. Then the interior will be filled with a certain atmosphere of romance and intimacy.