Hello parents. We all know that if you have a brother or a sister you will never be alone. Having a brother or a sister means true love. Twins are two children produced by the same pregnancy. It’s very difficult for one mother to take care for two child at the same time. She has not one, but two who cry, two who want milk, but also two best gifts ever. A mother’s love is eternal and unconditional. Twins mother must be calm and patient.

Mother needs a little help from her husband. I have read in a book that we shouldn’t dress the twins in the same color, we shouldn’t buy them the same toys. We must teach them to have different taste for some things. But actually we can’t do that. The twins are connected before they was born and they are connected by heart for all life. Some of the twins are identical but someone not. Whatever, we can’t separate them. That’s the reason why we put them together in the same room. The room color probably will be pink for them. We may decorate the room by adding beds with interesting staircases, by adding modern carpets, pink curtains, funny bunnies, some modern lamps, etc. Kids’ kitchen are great choice for fun. They will cook and you will rest in peace. Here, i have some ideas for twin females bedrooms. Castles, barbies, will help too. If those little creatures are happy with the room design, parents are happy too. Please, keep calm and take a glimpse right now!