In this post you could find 15 ideas how to decor your bathroom in a modern style. Take care for the bathroom decor. What you need is contemporary and modern bathroom design, if you want to be in trend. Pebble mosaic ideas for perfect art in your house. River rock will give you natural look to your bathroom. Pebble is a natural material that is  dating from the Palaeolithic period. In that period this material was hand-made and was very popular in the past. But also, it’s very trend nowadays. Now, we could find pebble on the beaches, where we go on vacancy.

Create a romantic bathroom where you could take a shower with hours. Spend quality time while you are refreshing with cold water in this pebble bathroom. The transition of the pebble and the wood is pretty and fascinating for looking. Pebble mosaic decor ideas perfectly fits in every bathroom. Pebble wall, pebble floor, pebble everywhere. Pebble totally fit with combination of tiles and river stones. It’s totally happiness to have a pebble bathroom for you. So, be happy and afford yourself this kind of bathroom. Decide about the pebble color for your bathroom design. You deserve to live contemporary in a contemporary designed house. You deserve to be happy. Life is too short to be unhappy.

If on day you decide to change the pebble bathroom, it’s easy to remove the pebble decor. And now, share this ideas with your friends.

Take a glimpse in 15 pebble mosaic ideas for trend bathroom art! Fall in love with this contemporary bathroom ideas!