Everyone would like to have more than one bathroom in the house. This is a very important room, especially if you have a big family. Sometimes it can be a problem. Why can this be a problem? We spend a lot of time in our bathroom, so, the bathroom is busy sometimes. To solve this problem you need miniature bathroom for your house. By adding a bathroom like this in your home, you will make the best decision ever. This article is exactly about that. How to add a small bathroom in your home, where to add it and why you need it. The following images will prove to you that even a small room may look good. Take a look and find inspiration for adding small bathroom in your own house. Help me to share these ideas with your friends, your family members and other people.

If you have not enough space to add another bathroom to your house, do not despair. You could have small but also functional bathroom in your small house. I will tell you how. Try to use our ideas and you will have the best bathroom ever. Don’t forget to tell your friends about these ideas. We will be happy if you share our ideas.

We offer you options for the perfect design of a beautiful and functional small bathroom for your small home. We offer you great ideas for your small bathroom place. Find here the perfect solution for your bathroom. See the following small bathrooms and get impressed.

Small bathroom with corner bath and corner washbasin

bathroom with orange tile

square compact bathroom with a corner washbasin

in the bathroom: blue floor , round window, cubicle shower and corner bath

bathroom in green shades with corner bath

in the bathroom a shower cabin with a floor drain and a wall-mounted toilet bowl

bathroom with design from the beginning of the 20th century

Comfortable bathroom of classical design

in the bathroom: the floor is blue, the corner shower is next to the bathtub

bathroom – compact design

bathroom with a double sink cabinet and shelf along the bath

white bathroom with dark floor

modern design bathroom with red details

bathroom design with a bathtub in the middle, separated with a glass door toilet bowl and double sink

Bathroom design combined with light and dark shades