Sleeping is very important for us. We should sleep at least 5/6 hours during the night. It is very difficult to stand up for work at the morning if you didn’t slept properly at night. There are many factors that affect our sleep. Scientists find out that sleeping throughout the day is good for our heart, and also for our brain. Golden curtains, golden furniture, golden carpet …
This color reminds us of a rich life.

We are reach if we have someone to live with, someone to be happy with. That is real fortune. But we all want to sleep comfortably in a luxurious bedroom and feel like kings. You can’t be wrong if you choose gold color, it is the best color for bedroom. It depends of your choice, if you want you could add golden bathroom too. It is stylish and modern. The furniture that you need for your bedroom – a bed, a dresser, bedding benches, bed cushions, chests of drawers, mirrors and a romantic lamp. We shouldn’t add too much furniture. In order to relax, you need a lot of space.The golden color is the trend of 2018. You may combine it with white, dark red, black, purple or gray. For decoration you may add some modern vases with flowers in it. The flowers will give you fresh air and natural perfume. If you want a romantic bedroom and good night sleep, please take a look at the photos that I have chosen for you.Talk to your partner and choose a new atmosphere for your sleep. Be cool, be in trend!

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