The floor is an important part of the decoration in a room. It can completely change the look and feel of a room, even though most times it’s ignored or given the least attention in decorating. When it comes to bathrooms, if you are tired and bored of the simple tiles with dull design, which are usually one or two colored, you can dramatically change the look of your bathroom by simply doing a floor with a 3D design. Pictures and drawings are no longer decoration for walls only, now they can go on the floor as well and look amazing.

There are many different ways to decorate your bathroom floor. We have chosen a number of pictures featuring three-dimensional designs for your bathroom floor that will take your breath away. You can bring the ocean to your bathroom and feel as if you have the waves under your feet by choosing a design that looks like the deepest blue waters of your imagination. Choose a beach design if you want to get the feeling like you are walking on the hot sand listening to the waves and feeling the sea breeze. Include dolphins, colorful fish and elements of the ocean flora. I guarantee you it will absolutely change the atmosphere of your bathroom, making it a peaceful and calm place for your relaxation. Just imagine having a bath in one of these beautiful bathrooms; it will feel as if you are lying somewhere in the middle of the ocean, and there is nothing more relaxing than that. Or, if you are not much of a fan of the salty waters, you can choose some other different design, because the possibilities are endless and each design is as cool and awesome as the next. For example, you can choose a crashing Rubik’s cube, which is honestly pretty amazing!