Wish welcome to the new born baby girl in your family. Make a special room for the light in your life. Happy days are coming and with new born baby days are happy more than ever. Now, we have many ideas for baby girl decoration. Cute bedroom ideas for your little girls.

Probably the color your baby girl room will be pink, but also yellow, purple and grey are great choice for you. Hello kitty rooms, rooms with small elephants toy, room with the baby girl name written on a wall. Hello kitty are so popular nowadays among the young children. Or, you could write welcome and the name of the baby. You could find modern creations for your little treasures. Trees on a wall or wall frames with your favorite pictures. With pictures of you when you was baby and a picture of new baby. Decorate with creative and modern carpets, educational toys, flowers, balloons, new clothes for the baby. Modern cribs instead of beds are very used now and you could find them and order easily. You could decorate them with tie in a color that you will choose. You could put funny bunnies on the bed, for baby to be smiling. Of course, at first the baby will be crying all the time but don’t worry, that will be a short period. Just the baby need accommodation to new life, and also the mother need accommodation.

You could surprise the mother with this kind of room. She will be very happy and grateful to you. You could buy a cake to wish her quick accommodation. Scroll down for 14 cute bedroom for new born baby girl!