Hello friends, post with clever ideas for clever people like you! Every woman takes care for her hair. So, every woman needs good organization in the bathroom for her everyday needed hair tools. We offer you great and inexpensive way how to make your own hair tools holder and storage ideas. Good hair care means a happy woman. So, women, be happy. Organize the hair straightener, hair drier, hair brush in a pretty manner. Reuse the tings that you don’t need anymore, don’t throw it away. Save space in your bathroom and be fabulous. Create your own private hair salon, because you deserve that.  Your task is to take a glimpse and to find motivation in the following images that we’ve chosen just for you.

Be clever with 14 clever ways for hair tools organization in the bathroom!

1. DIY wooden box for hair tools and other things that you need for hair;

2. DIY holder for hair tools made of PVC pipes;

3. DIY transform the gun holder into holder for hair straightener;

4. DIY box for hair tools and make your life easier;

5. Transform the fake drawer into useful one;

6. DIY drawer use for hair tools;

7. DIY drawer for saving space in the bathroom;

8. DIY wooden basket for storage;

9. DIY white wooden box for hair tools storage;

10. DIY PVC pipes holder for bathroom;

11. DIY reuse the old kitchen stuff for hair tools storage;

12. DIY holder for hair brushes;

13. Reuse the old bathroom box for dirty clothe, transform it into place for storage hair tools;

14. DIY metal visible holder for hair dryer;