Parents love their children more than everything. Some people thinks that boys are more loved than the girl child in a family. In some countries if the baby is boy they celebrate, if it’s a girl they are happy but don’t celebrate. But i can’t agree with this. Boys or girls, it doesn’t matter, parents love is unconditional for both children. Parents also must show their love to the child. Parents usually buy things which will make their children happy. If you have a little boy, than probably you know in what he is interested in. Hulk, transformers, spider man, supermen, and other heroes are watched on youtube most of the time. Also minions are famous among them. When your little boy will have some room with that heroes he will be the happiest child ever. You may decor the wall with portraits of some of their favorites cartoons. For the room color, we know that probably will be blue. You may add some staircases, some green trees, puzzles, firefighter cars, etc. That is standard for boys. They often imagine themselves as firefighters, police-men, transformers, etc. Some of the parents often play games with their children but some of them have no time or patience for that. Kinder room serves for playing games, having fun with other toddlers but also studying. The light in the room should provide enough electrical energy for reading. The children also must have time for studying. Finally, if you decide to decor their room in some new design, the best choice will be this design ideas that i have chosen for you. Take a view and make your little boy happy!