We all know that nothing is more soothing and relaxing than a warm shower, at any time of the day. Showering in the morning helps us wake up and go about our daily business, showering in the evening relaxes us and prepares us for a night of peaceful sleep. We shower when we are cold to warm up, and when it’s too hot outsite to cool down. It’s the quickest and easiest possible way of dealing with stress and everyday issues, and I’m sure all of us enjoy this everyday activity. We sing in the shower, we think in the shower, we make decisions in the shower. And when we are done, we feel so much better, we feel as if we were born again, full of energy and strength, and in a generally better mood. Therefore, it’s very important for me to enjoy my time in the shower as much as possible. The time I spend in the shower is the only time in my day that I’m able to dedicate to myself only, allowing my thoughts to wander and my mind to relax. Recently, I’ve been obsessed with ceiling showers, and I think I might be getting one very soon.

Why, you ask? Let me share my fascination with ceiling showers with you. First of all, they look amazing! They are modern, fancy and gorgeous in general. Secondly, I feel as if I could spend all day here, because it wouldn’t feel like showering only, it would feel as if I was being caressed by a soft warm rain (I love the rain, by the way), or as if I was singing from the top of my lungs underneath a beautiful waterfall. And also, ceiling showers are so much more practical than regular ones. You don’t have to struggle adjusting it to your height, or moving all around the place to wash every part of your body, or bending your knees if you are too tall and the shower is too low. Any way you look, ceiling showers are pretty awesome. There isn’t a single reason why anyone wouldn’t want one of these amazing inventions in their bathroom. Take a look at some of the pictures below and see for yourselves!

вода стікає зі стелі спальні вода падає з великого душу в стелі на ванну з виглядом на океан у кімнаті, де вода падає зі стелі багато рослин в душі вода зі стелі з підсвіткою падає на підлогу, душ відгорожений скляними дверима падаюча вода у ванну водопад в душовій кабіні душова кабіна у піддаші душ на куті будинку поруч вікна з виглядом на двір душ у душовій з мозаїки два варіанти душу зі стелі душова кабіна за склом з підсвіткою комбінований водопад в душовій душова кабна з підсвіткою душ зі стелі на підлогу у ванній кімнаті