For most people, the bathroom is the room where their day starts and ends. The first thing you see every morning after you get out of bed is your bathroom, and the last thing you see at night before going to sleep is usually your bathroom.

We all know nothing is more relaxing than a hot shower or a warm bubbly bath after a long stressful day. The bathroom is a place for relaxation and enjoyment, the place where you wash away all your worries for the moment and let them drain away. For most, the bathroom is sort of an oasis of peace, a quiet spot where you can be alone with your thoughts. There is that joke that says “Most of life’s big decisions are made while in the shower”, but there is a reason why this is true for most people. It’s because nothing distracts us while we are in the bathroom and we are able to think clearly. Of course, in order to feel relaxed and comfortable, your bathroom should have a pleasant atmosphere. After all, it’s where you create your own little corner.

Take a look at these impressive bathroom designs that will leave you breathless and wanting to spend every day, all day in there. The possibilities are unlimited: light some candles, play some music, make a bubbly bath, bring a good book and some wine… whatever you do, this is your little paradise, enjoy it!

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