We all need a room for ourself where we can rest from the other family members. Sometimes we enter in this room and we lay on the bed with hours. There are moments when we want to be alone and we don’t need anyone. Girls are cleaning their room more ofthen than the boys. Girls are pedantic and boys are lazy when we talk about room’s cleaning. With exceptions, of course. If you want stylish bedroom just choose your favorite colour and decorate. Black color is classical color for men and pink is typical for ladies. Pink is cool, pink is fun. This two colors comined are perfect for one bedroom. They will connect two souls together. Also it gives to you impressive design that will amaze you. I am not sure if a husband or a boyfriend will accept the pink color. But this color is surely good for girl teenagers, single or divorced woman. You could bring some friends that will stay for sleeping. If you are a teenager girl, please take a look. The pink could be dark or light. It is great choice and you can’t be wrong. This kind of room will be loved by everyone. You may decorate with large mirrors, lamps, pillows, pink carpets, portrais of famous persons or maybe pink colored walls. Pink room remind me to a positive person without worries. If you agree with me take a look in the following images and de ide what is best for you. It looks like a kingdom where you can rule the world. Who run the world? -Girls.