Japan has a fascinating and original culture. This country is fascinating and differs from other countries. We must read a lot about Japanese culture and Japanese people if we want to buy Japanese bedroom. Starting with the food they eat and ending with the clothe they wear. It doesn’t mean that you must live there to have bedroom like this one. But, to like something you must have a knowledge about the origin and the culture of the country where is produced.

Today, Japanese bedrooms are so popular because they are unique and simple. Your Japanese bedroom floor will be covered with tatami mats. Tatami mats is their special material for the floor. The color of your bedroom probably will be neutral, because they are that kind of people. Their special decorative things are the rice paper, wooden walls and silk curtains. You could open one wall in you bedroom. The roof, the left wall or maybe the right, it is your decision. In the most of the bedrooms there are wardrobes where you could dress your pajamas and to go in bed. Your bed will be posed in a low position, so it will look like you are sleeping on the floor. It’s relaxing and fun sleeping in that kind of bedroom. Japanese ceramic pottery saki jug or bottle it is part of each bedroom. It is the most important decorative element that you can’t miss it.

Make your own bedroom Japanese. Make a change in your house. Take a glimpse in the following 12 gorgeous Japanese bedroom ideas that will make your day!