The bathroom is an important space in the house, just as any other room. Everyone thrives to create a relaxing space where they can come from a long day at work and have a soothing bath to calm their nerves. To create this, of course you need to choose the right colors, and tiling for you bathroom, and also some details that can add to the atmosphere. Now there is a new idea to make this space feel and look amazing – 3D liquid bathroom designs for your walls or floor.

These designs can bring the ocean right into your bathroom. The floors, who use liquid material with angled photos set on multiple layers can turn your bathroom into a landscape scenery. They can create an amazing calming experience and visually enlarge your space. They were first created by a company in Dubai who had the exclusivity on this and the designs became instantly popular. The floors are not just images, but they are also made of strong and durable material.

The innovation was first only used for hotels, offices and shopping malls but soon after it became popular with private homes also. Of course it’s an amazing look if you are able to afford it. The cost of making this in your home will vary depending on different factor such as: size of the space, previous condition of the base, the type and design of 3D the print you choose and the complexity of the work. Prices vary from around US $100 to about US $500.

These designs are not only meant for flooring, they can also be done as 3D tabletops, 3D wallpapering, 3D tiles and ceilings.

Here bellow we have some examples of these 3D liquid bathroom designs that will hopefully inspire you to bring them in your home too.