New York City Construction Management was established in 2010 to assist owners, contractors, and investors in organizing and planning their projects at every stage

For more than a decade, our company has selected the most experienced professionals from all over the United States to provide a strong management team and maximize owner support.

The website of the organization here  contains detailed information about the services, contacts of the company.

Why Customers Choose Upstrate

We strictly adhere to the laws and regulations of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Therefore, our construction supervisors have all the necessary certificates and licenses.

This allows them to guarantee competent and safe construction management, regardless of its volume and complexity. Our managers will install 24-hour surveillance cameras at your facility free of charge to ensure the safety of all work.

Their effective leadership allows each employee to focus on tasks in order to successfully implement the planned project through coordinated and teamwork. Our greatest pride is our employees. Thanks to a team of qualified specialists capable of implementing a project of any complexity, we are a leading company in the market.

Each employee performs his tasks quickly and efficiently, and the construction manager continuously manages the process from the moment it is launched to completion. Each construction manager must have more than three years of college degree, certification, and all general contractor licenses to ensure maximum profits and confidentiality of the organization.

The construction manager must have experience in providing safety guidance to the team on a daily basis in accordance with OSHA.


What are DOT and DOB permissions?

A DOT permit is a permit issued by the Ministry of Transport (DOT) that allows certain types of work to be performed, such as hazardous waste disposal. A DOB permit is an official permit issued by the Department of Buildings to contractors under which construction or a reconstruction project can be initiated. These permits give contractors the opportunity to make major changes and create new infrastructure.

For example, they allow the repair of sidewalks, the installation, replacement or repair of underground infrastructure, the placement of garbage containers and the installation of scaffolding or sidewalks. If you need help in issuing permits, our specialists will consult. Our company can also help you apply for a building permit or get a tracking number. Don’t hesitate to contact us today.