She was a punk design icon and activist

Vivienne Westwood (1941–2022), iconic British designer, “punk’s grandmother”, died on the night of 29/30 January at 81.

She was born in the family of a worker and a weaver. Westwood was working as an elementary school teacher and making jewelry when she met Malcolm McLaren. Together they dressed the Sex Pistols. And they also opened a store that changed several defiant names – first “Sex”, then “Rebels”, and then “Doomsday”. T-shirts depicting Queen Elizabeth with a pin pierced lip have become truly legendary.

At forty, she focused on high fashion. Westwood’s first show under the name Pirates was in 1981. She also loved outrageousness: she appeared on the cover of Tatler magazine in 1989 in the image of a frighteningly convincing Margaret Thatcher, in 1993 she sent Naomi Campbell down the catwalk in shoes on an incredibly high platform, which caused the model to fall, and in 1992 she came for the award of the Order of the British Empire without underwear.

In addition, she was also involved in political activism. She promoted vegetarianism, the fight against climate change and nuclear disarmament, and also took part in the protest in support of Julian Assange. She also encouraged customers to buy fewer clothes.

Westwood has designed uniforms for Virgin Atlantic airlines, partnered with Burberry in 2018, and most recently had a collaboration with Asics. And it was she who created the extravagant dress that Sarah Jessica Parker wore while playing Carrie Bradshaw at the canceled wedding in the film Sex and the City.