Studio MAKHNO presented a new project — a building-museum of Ukrainian art and ceramics. The aim is to demonstrate the depth and evolution of Ukrainian culture through a combination of architecture, design, traditions, crafts and nature. The museum is planned to be built in the Kyiv region.

The project is aimed at the revival of pottery traditions and the popularization of modern Ukrainian art.

“There are great conceptual galleries, curators, art dealers, artists and artists in Ukraine, but there is still no museum of modern Ukrainian art. I have been researching our culture for more than twenty years, I admire its depth, authenticity and universality at the same time. And today, I believe, the time has come for its systematic popularization, both within the country and abroad. We want to show that Ukrainian culture not only has thousands of years of history, but is also developing and transforming right now,” says the founder of the studio, Serhii Makhno.

The area of the future museum is 800 square meters.

The museum building itself is a huge art object, artistically designed and designed to fascinate. A landscape garden unfolds near it and exclusive art objects are located.

From a distance, the majestic concrete building of the museum stands out like a monolith from the surrounding landscape. As visitors approach, they are greeted by the striking contrast of the building’s black facade.

Today, the museum’s collection is the widest selection of ceramic art in Ukraine. The museum emphasizes the revival of pottery traditions as an authentic Ukrainian art and craft. A prominent place in the exposition is occupied by the works of the master of ceramics and drawing Serhiy Radek.

The building of the Museum House was inspired by Ukrainian history, culture and ancient traditions of our family. It’s the perfect clean background for artwork. During the design process, we faced the problem of how to place about 3,000 ceramic products, paintings, sculptures, photographs and drawings on 800 square meters of space.

A house-museum is an ambitious goal, a place where everyone can experience Ukraine’s unique contribution to world culture, feel their identity, and feel at home.

We invite all connoisseurs of Ukrainian art to join the project. Makhno Art Foundation has created options for interaction and contributions, currently this is a unique chance to become a Resident and Co-author of the first House-Museum of Contemporary Art and Ceramics, to open its doors with your own hands in the near future.