Agencies Leo Burnett Taiwan and Digitas Taiwan have launched a device based on artificial intelligence that helps fight the problem of pollution in the area.

The device uses a hologram of Tudigung, the Taoist god of soil and earth, who is revered as a family elder by Taiwan’s religious population.

The detector detects people polluting the territory, after which it will project a holographic image of this god. According to the plan, the image of Todigun should scare away violators and remind them that littering is not allowed.

“If the government cannot stop people, let God watch over them. Creating a little holographic god was the most ridiculous way we could think of to show BaoXing Council how creativity and technology can make our neighborhoods better,” said Leo Burnett Taiwan CEO and COO Kevin Yang.

Three months after the system was launched, the amount of illegal waste was reduced by 73%.