The Hawaiian company WAVR, in partnership with manufacturing company Robogio Dynamics, has created a prototype device that allows you to get energy from the movement of sea waves.

The system is called WAVR Wave Energy Converter (WEC).

The device, developed by WAVR, uses the movement of waves captured by special hinges and saves energy with an internal battery, and can also charge external batteries. The system currently generates about one-fourth of the current output of a standard solar panel. The WEC prototype is 3D printed from plastic and weighs less than 4.5 kg.

The project was designed in line with Hawaii’s green energy goals of 100% renewable energy by 2045. For such places – with small land masses surrounded by water on all sides – WEC can be the best solution. Moreover, the main advantage of this technology is associated with the constancy of the waves compared to the wind or the sun.

The initial prototypes were addressed to individual consumers, such as boat owners, who could use the model to power small electrical devices. But in general, the company is considering scaling the WEC – in cooperation with larger organizations, it is possible to create “wave farms” that could potentially provide energy to large groups of the population. To do this, several devices can be connected together thanks to the modular design.