Designers Andriy Kurochkin and Anatoliy Shovkovy launched Ridne — a site that collects examples of modern web design in the Ukrainian language.

On the Ridne site, the initiators have collected the coolest Ukrainian sites, design and content that will surprise and inspire.

At first, the concept of the name revolved around the word “Ukrainian”, but the authors wanted to associate the project with something warmer and more human. So they chose “Native”, because Ukrainian is native.

The purpose of the site is to popularize the Ukrainian language among designers and inspire them.

“We want to see high-quality, modern and interesting design in the Ukrainian language, and we select such sites for publication,” says project co-author Andrii Kurochkin.

Authors select sites on their own, with the help of friends and an active design community. Currently, 80 sites are published on the platform, they plan to publish 3 sites per day.