The Ministry of Digital Transformation presented the updated Action.Education platform, where everyone can learn new professions free of charge.

“It’s just a few steps from registering for Diya.Osvita to a new profession. You take a test that helps you decide on a direction — you get recommendations on the profession that suits you the most. You study on educational series. Pass simulators that allow you to test your skills on real cases. Then you get a certificate and find a job in your region. And it’s all on one platform.” — Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine Mykhailo Fedorov.

Together with leading companies and experts, Diya created more than 50 new educational series and 50 simulators about various professions, and also added an English-language adaptation of the platform.

Lessons are taught in the format of series with a combination of education and entertainment, micro-learning with mandatory stop-lessons, podcasts, webinars, guides. The user can choose a personal training schedule.

Students who have completed the course will receive an Action.Education certificate and will be able to start looking for a new job on the largest Ukrainian job exchanges on the portal.

All content on the platform is available in Ukrainian and English.