The video game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has a secret room de_voyna, de_voyna, which will tell the truth about the Russian war against Ukraine. The room is allocated for Russian juveniles.

This is a special project of the sponsored newspaper of Finland Helsingin Sanomat. Vision is blocked in Russia, that was the way to fix censorship.

Koristuvachs are given information about Russian strikes on civilian objects in Ukraine and mass attacks in the Kiev region during the hour of Russian occupation.

Near the kіmnati – a typical area near the post-tradyansk city. In a secret room in one of the halls under the eternal fire, on the walls of the placement of reports by Russian mine, scattered by military correspondents seen in Ukraine, there is a map of Russian strikes on civilian objects in Ukraine and photographs of us dkiv occupation of Kiev region.

The meta project is to bypass censorship and convey information about the war to the Russians.


Video: Reuters

Counter-Strike has 3 to 4 million Russians.