We collected a selection of AI services for training, work and programming. Here are 16 useful apps

A Lviv Ruby on Rails developer has compiled a selection of useful services based on neural networks for learning, programming and job searching.

For learning

EditGPT – will correct errors in the text in English.

Consensus is a huge scientific knowledge base based on AI.

ExamCram – Turn complex study materials into flashcards and self-tests.

YouTube Summary with ChatGPT – will turn any educational video or lecture into text.

ChatBA will help you make a presentation.

Explain Me Like I’m Five – will explain obscure things in simple language.


For programmers

Adrenaline – will fix errors in the code.

Tabnine — will add the code for you.

CodePal – will write code, fix bugs and issue reviews.

Code GPT is a code generator plugin for VSCode.

Autobackend — will help with the backend.

Codesnippets — generates code from text queries, suitable even for commands.

Buildt AI is a search engine for VSCode that will find ready-made code on the Internet.


For employment

Kickresume — will write a resume and cover letter.

Cover Letter AI — will create a cover letter based on a resume.

InterviewGPT AI – Simulates an interview to help you prepare.