The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (Rock Hall) in Cleveland invited Base Design to rebrand. Previously, these designers have done animation for The New York Times Food Festival 2022. The Rock Hall project also involved motion design: the logo moves depending on the sound. They also developed their own font called Generation and a color palette for the museum.

Base Design state that they aimed to convey the “spirit of rock and roll”, characterizing it as “original, bold, daring, dynamic, authentic, powerful”, and do not hide the fact that the rebranding was carried out in order to interest a younger audience.

“The brand has a tone of voice that is always cool and never tries to be fashionable,” the design studio writes in its press release. This is reflected in the advertising campaign, which used photos and videos with the stars of the music world (the Hall of Fame has long been not limited to rock and roll: this year it included Dolly Parton, Lionel Richie and Eminem).