In the Ukrainian application Reface, a new AI Avatar function appeared, which allows you to turn selfies into hyper-realistic avatars of pop culture characters.

The developers improved the generative model of artificial intelligence and expanded it with the help of face replacement technology.

To use the new function, you need to click on the AI Avatar button on the bottom panel of the Reface program and select a theme package for creating an avatar from the menu. For example, you can choose cyberpunk, noir or superhero themes.

Each such package costs $5.99 and contains 48 ready-made illustrations. After that, the user must upload 10 of your photos (portraits/selfies): 5 selfies with different emotions and angles, 5 portrait photos on different backgrounds must be chosen from the phone gallery.

Next, the tool will start generating avatars for 40-60 minutes: during this time, you can close the application, it will continue to generate in an inactive state.

Reface stores uploaded photos for less than 48 hours, and each collection of generated images is available for download within the program for 30 days. After that, all user data is deleted.