Author of the project “Shukai!” Yuliya Bevzenko presented her 40th bronze mini-sculpture “Kyiv Warehouse”, dedicated to all kiyans, who lived, live and live near the city.

Skladanka, wine puzzle, symbolizes the unity of Kiev. Fragments of the “Kyiv warehouse” are molded by kiyani, as well as those for whom the capital of Ukraine has become a house.

“Five years we tell the bagmen and guests of the capital about our history. However, at the same time, the history of Kiev is written in leather bags. That “Kyivska skladanka” is a present for the Ukrainians. Tim, who has lived here for generations, and Tim, who has moved here. Tim, who has come from Kiev through the war, it is obovʼkovo to turn around. Tim, who, having captured Kiev, continues to defend it. As a sign that Kiev is building up with us, you can squeeze your finger to the top of the mini-sculpture,” explains Yulia Bevzenko, founder of the “Shukay!” project.

“Kiev warehouse” created by the sculptor Yuri Bilyavsky.

The minisculpture was installed at 12, Desyatynniy Street. It was commissioned to place a QR code from it, which leads to the Shukay! website, for more information about the minisculpture and the project.

The Institute of Vertebrology and Rehabilitation became a patron of the Ministry of Sculpture.

“Shook!” – project of Kiev manager Yuliya Bevzenko, foundations of 2018. Vіn rozpovidaє about the history of Kiev in bronze minisculptures. Among them, zokrema, “Kyivska Hryvnia” on Volodymyrskyi, “Kyivska Palma” on Nazarivska, “Face of Kiev” on Verkhniy Val, “Lantsyugovy Mist” on Mykoli Mikhnovsky Boulevard, “Kyivska Shahi” near Shevchenko Park, “Geli copter of Sikorsky” on Yaroslavovoe Valu, “Kyivska Kava” on Velykyi Zhytomyrska, “Tsukroviy Buryachok” on the facade of the first building of the Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, “Dancers on the Teatralnyy”, “Ghost of Kyiv”, “Palyanitsya”, “Kyiv Fountain”, “Kyiv Cycling Track” and others .