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Using Glass for Interior Design and Decor

Sardenya Apartment / Raúl Sánchez. Image © José Hevia

Sardenya Apartment / Raúl Sánchez. Image © José Hevia

Glass, a pivotal invention of human history, was initially employed as a cutting tool and has been in existence for approximately 75,000 years. Its earliest records of production can be traced back to ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. Over time, the art of glass-making progressed in various civilizations and nations, and with the Industrial Revolution, it became a widely used material. In architecture, glass served as a sealing element as early as 100 AD.

Glass is a multifaceted material with exceptional characteristics, serving both as a decorative piece and a structural component. With its transparent properties, light can be manipulated through reflections and filters. The surface of glass can be treated to provide different textures and levels of translucence to the surroundings, making it a versatile material.

It can be employed as closures, partitions, finishes, or even as decorative objects. Explore various ways of incorporating glass into interior architecture projects mentioned below.


Coco House / Duy Le Architects


Coco House / Duy Le Architects. Image © Trieu Chien

Heytea Puning / UND Design Studio


Heytea Puning / UND Design Studio. Image © Xiaole Chen


011 Apartment / flipê arquitetura


011 Apartment / flipê arquitetura. Image © Gabriela Mestriner

Maria Farinha Filmes / +K Arquitetos


Maria Farinha Filmes / +K Arquitetos. Image © Ana Mello

Sardenya Apartment / Raúl Sánchez


Sardenya Apartment / Raúl Sánchez. Image © José Hevia


Apartamento Monolito / Estúdio Minke


Apartamento Monolito / Estúdio Minke. Image © Maíra Acayaba

Apartment AT83 / Eterea Studio


Apartment AT83 / Eterea Studio. Image © Rafael Gamo

Coworking Sant Magì / BARRI Studio


Coworking Sant Magì / BARRI Studio. Image © José Sanchez Masterton


Guiyang Zhongshuge Bookstore / X+Living


Guiyang Zhongshuge Bookstore / X+Living. Image © Feng Shao

Loft ESN / Ippolito Fleitz Group


Revestimentos de paredes no Loft ESN / Ippolito Fleitz Group. Image © Zooey Braun

X11 Flagship Store / BloomDesign


X11 Flagship Store / BloomDesign. Image © Haha Lu


Casa di Ringhiera / studio wok | ArchDaily Brasil


Casa di Ringhiera / studio wok. Image © Federico Villa studio

Apartamento LA / David Guerra


Apartamento LA / David Guerra. Image © Jomar Bragança

Apartamento Vila / SOEK Arquitetura


Apartamento Vila / SOEK Arquitetura. Image © Carolina Lacaz


In Harmony with Nature Cafe / Reutov Design


In Harmony with Nature Cafe / Reutov Design. Image © Reutov Dmitry, Gerner Ekaterina

Geijoeng Concept Store / Studio 10


Geijoeng Concept Store / Studio 10. Image © Chao Zhang

Bar Botanique Cafe Tropique / Studio Modijefsky


Bar Botanique Cafe Tropique / Studio Modijefsky. Image © Maarten Willemstein


Urban Day Care Center for Alzheimer Patients / Cid + Santos


Urban Day Care Center for Alzheimer Patients / Cid + Santos. Image © Santos-Díez | BISimages

Esquire Office / Studio Bipolar


Esquire Office / Studio Bipolar. Image © Suryan//Dang

Loft Solar / Talita Nogueira Arquitetura – 9


Loft Solar / Talita Nogueira Arquitetura – 9. Image © Eduardo Macarios

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