Between this Thursday (29th) and Sunday (2nd), the 19th edition of the São Paulo International Art Festival (SP-Arte) takes over the Bienal Pavilion, in Ibirapuera Park, with impressive numbers. There are 168 exhibitors, 45 of them in design, a segment that grew 30% compared to last year’s edition.

With a mix of established artists and designers and young names emerging in the market, the festival occupies three floors of the Bienal. The ground floor was dedicated to design, while the first and second floors of the pavilion feature national and international art galleries, publishing houses and autonomous spaces.

Below you can see 8 of the highlights of HAUS in this edition of SP-Arte:

vision realized


Credit: Disclosure

In its debut at SP-Arte, the authorial design marketplace deezign launches new versions of the Paulistano chair, created 65 years ago by Paulo Mendes da Rocha to furnish the Clube Paulistano gymnasium. One of them is designed by Paulo’s daughter, Nadezhda Mendes da Rocha, and embodies Mendes da Rocha’s original vision for the piece. Named Paulistano Xingu, the piece received a seat made of buriti straw, woven by indigenous people from the Kamayurá community.



Credit: Disclosure

Etel brings to SP-Arte an exhibition project signed by the Milanese studio Superluna Studio in celebration of the brand’s 30th anniversary. The starting point of the work is a white box that highlights the importance of 150 pieces that make up the Etel Collection, designed from the beginning of the 20th century to the present day. Among them are items signed by Gregori Warchavchik, Jorge Zalszupin, Oscar Niemeyer, Etel Carmona and Claudia Moreira Salles. As a grand finale, the brand will announce the new designer who will be part of the Etel Collection, and adds that the author has left an indelible mark on the furniture sector in Brazil. Eager to find out?

Campana X Firma Casa


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The Ripas collection, recently launched by Estudio Campana for Firma Casa – which we show here – will also be present at the 19th edition of the fair. An opportunity to see up close the buffets and bars made of solid wood slatted with metal, marble and soapstone feet.

revamped line


Credit: Disclosure

Authors of the Lina armchair, in collaboration with Líder Interiores, the trio at the head of Suíte Design presents an unprecedented and serial edition of the piece – which celebrates five years of launch. These are versions with new finishes, created to test the boundaries between art and design. Highlight for the replacement of the emblematic wooden ball that marks the design of the piece with natural stones, in rough and smooth versions.

reverence for the past


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In his third participation at SP-ARTE, visual artist and textile designer Alex Rocca launches the Manto Series, the result of aesthetic experimentation and research with new textures to create a narrative in search of ancestry and belonging. The capsule series has 9 tapestries and was produced with the support of Safira Fabrics, which gave the artist access to a collection of silks reserved for recycling. In this collaboration, the residue was re-signified in the form of art, in a link with its African origins, where textile materials have always had great importance and cultural meanings, from the colors and patterns of tribal cloaks to ritual clothing.

Ceara Connection


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Selection made by the curator and journalist specialized in design Winnie Bastian brings to SP-Arte the exhibition ‘Conexão Ceará’. The show brings together three artists: Bruno Camarotti, Igor Sabá and Valter Costa Lima, selected to represent the best design produced in the northeastern state. Camarotti’s work is focused on carpentry; Sabá mixes raw materials and techniques, from clay to metal; Lima also stands out for its wood production and exploration of sustainable materials.

Studio Room for 31 Furniture


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The architecture firm Estúdio Sala, led by Carla Cruz and Phil Pinheiro from Minas Gerais, launches the homonymous armchair during SP-Arte 2023. The piece is a partnership with the brand 31 Mobiliário – focused on Brazilian design curated by designer Zanini de Zanine.

modular elegance


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The architect and designer Leandro Garcia expanded the Aro line and presents a modular system that promotes customization and user interaction. The collection has 20 pieces that are variations of the combination of hoops with different diameters and finishes. Among the objects, trays, table and wall mirrors.